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February 9, 2024

Christmas trees have been our family tradition for more than 20 years.

Christmas lasts with us all year round

Our company history

My name is Maciej. The history of our company has been intertwined with our family history for more than 20 years. I was still a child when my dad came up with the idea of making artificial Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. At the time, the idea seemed crazy, but with time it became our way of life and the family production of trees became a strong and stable company producing and selling trees to dozens of countries all over the world.

Originality, quality, diversity

Christmas trees inspired by nature

At Decorland, we produce original and high-quality artificial Christmas trees from 20 to 320 cm in size and available in various options: green, snowy, frosted, on wooden and metal stands, on wooden trunks, in boxes or in jute-finished stands.

Every year we introduce new models inspired by conifers from Europe and around the world, because nature is by far the best designer in the business. And we get a lot of satisfaction when we manage to create another original design.

Technology and safety

Our products are fully safe and undergo multi-stage testing:

  • Material
  • Stability
  • Non-flammability
  • Safe finishing

We also use a film that is completely safe and free of harmful phthalates.

All the timber components we use come from sustainably grown forests and are FSC certified.

Technological advantages

We use flame-retardant PE and PVC films and no harmful phthalates in the production of the trees, making our products durable and safe.

We have a professional and automated drying room for the wood, thanks to which, under the influence of higher temperatures and air circulation, it reaches optimal parameters for use in the production of trees and retains its durability and natural appearance for longer.

The drying room is also used during the snowing of Christmas trees, so we can make them in optimal thermal conditions regardless of the season, and our customers receive their snowed trees on time, regardless of the month of the order. In addition, thanks to the use of a professional dryer, the finish of our trees is very durable and looks great. We are one of the leaders in the production of snow trees in Europe. This is what sets us apart at every step, quality and professionalism.

Do you run your business outside the EU? Are you interested in our products, but not sure if you can import them safely? Do not hesitate and contact us! We fumigate our products for you, so that borders do not exist for Our products.


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